Financial Advisor Finder locates advisors in your area with expertise in the specific type of advice that you require. We match your details to local financial advisors in under 60 seconds. Then leave the rest to us. An advisor will usually make contact by phone or email within a few days to discuss your requirements.


Enter your contact details and postcode

Once your contact details and postcode have been entered we will search for advisors in your local area.


Choose type of advice required

We will match you with an advisor who has expertise in the type of advice that you require and arrange for them to call you to discuss your requirements.


No cost, no obligation consultation

An advisor will arrange an initial, no cost consultation either by telephone of through a face-to-face meeting.


Peace of mind

There are no hidden charges, gimmicks of fees. All consultations are held with advisors who are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Tax planning

A financial advisor can structure your finances so that you pay the correct amount of tax relevant to your personal circumstances, maximising tax reliefs and any exemptions that you may be due.  In addition, many estates are now falling into the Inheritance Tax band. Proper planning can minimise the amount of tax payable. 

Savings & investments

All financial advisors that we connect you with are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They can provide professional advice on a range of saving and investment options based on your individual circumstances. You should always seek professional advice from fully regulated sources.

Pensions & retirement

Whether you’re looking to start a pension or require guidance on pension planning for retirement, you should always seek professional and impartial advice on your options from a suitably qualified financial advisor. An advisor will guide you through your retirement options and explaan how to maximise your pension income.